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What Happens if Homeschooling High School Isn’t Working? «

What Happens if Homeschooling High School Isn’t Working?

One of several advantages of home schooling is the flexibility to make adjustments whenever things are not working. With high school, bear in mind that if it works you use it. If perhaps it doesn’t work, then stop using it and consider another thing.

Another major concept: You do not need to teach. They simply have to learn. You do not necessarily need to teach ANYTHING in high school, you just need to ensure that your children learn it. I did not know the solutions to a great deal of the math or science. You’d imagine I would because I am a nurse, but it is not true! I completely lost it with math approximately a month into Algebra 2. Everyone loses it in high school math – everyone. But, once again, it is not our job to learn the stuff. We just have to make certain our student understands the stuff.

My boys did chemistry and physics entirely by themselves. They did Algebra 2, pre-calculus and calculus entirely on their own. I only provided them the tests, and had to check the solutions. By the time we reached calculus, I didn’t even know what the symbols meant any longer. I only knew that the solution needed to look like the solution in the book. I had one mom say to me her high school was not working because she could no longer teach them writing. She claimed “they are better writers than me – and I’m a professional. ” I just had to point out to her that homeschooling seemed to be doing the job since they WERE succeeding. When you enter high school, writing is mainly about practice. Edit the papers for spelling and grammar, yes, but it is mostly essential to practice, practice, practice.

I couldn’t keep up with the books either. I have confessed before that I did not do “literature analysis” with my kids. I simply asked them if they enjoyed the book (to which they often said “yes” and not much more. )#) They have grown up and performed wonderfully with the honors literature courses in college, so I know they weren’t ruined by my weaknesses. I could not keep up with my kids reading either, but you know what? They were reading thousands of books for fun, and I did not worry out about reading those books before them. So why did I worry out about reading their school books before them? I don’t know! Think about public school for a minute. Would the teacher pre-read every book? No, only the one or two they used in a year. Would the teacher be able to help with writing more than you? No, most likely it would be only grammar and spelling.

What about science? I did not help my kids at science at all, but my boys each received straight-As in college science after home schooling, so I know that it worked. My concern with the remarks that “Homeschooling isn’t working” is that people ignore the alternative. Home schooling may be challenging (OK, it absolutely IS challenging) but it is much better than a public or private school. It is the 1 to 1 tutoring, the mastery prior to moving forward, the complete love for the student that make home schoolers succeed. Not one of those things are available at a public or private school. You’ll find plenty of resources for home schoolers. Online classes, tutors, co-ops, video programs, and curricula for every learning style. You might need help, but that won’t suggest that home schooling is not working OR that putting your child into school is THE only answer to challenges.

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