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The Best Learning Type For Studying «

The Best Learning Type For Studying

There are different types of learners that use different methods to learn. Finding out which learner you are and how you learn is an important task to achieve. With society changing rapidly the need for a solid education and excellent communication skills are important. You might have wondered how a person in your class can never take notes or wondered why a person took so many notes or maybe even wondered why you had the person in your class who asked too many questions. Understanding learning patterns will help you.

The first learning type is the “Visual Learner!” This learner is the one that no matter how much you speak it them they can never really grasp the information unless they write it down. Visual learners prefer to read to gain a full understanding. Visual learners tend to be very good at spelling. Most likely were in all of the spelling bee competitions as a child growing up. They are also the ones who can never remember names. Quiet time is also important to this type since the have to process what is being said. Writing essays or stories tend to come easy for this type of person, as well as, taking notes.

The second learning type is the “Auditory Learner!” This type of learner is the one who will learn by simply listening to what is being said. Focusing on words and understanding there meanings are more effective than writing it down. You can normally spot this type of learner because they love to talk. This type is the person that you hear talking aloud and not afraid to speak in class or any situation. They are also very good at explaining something that was communicated to them through the spoken word. Some of the things that this person can learn from are to watch videos, taping the notes from class and then going back to write them down, repeating the words over and over to themselves. So, to ask this person to stop talking for a long period of time in a class setting could be quite a task for a teacher or professor.

Another type of learner is the “Kinesthetic Learner!” This learner learns by doing. You will find that when it comes to education this person might have a tough time since most classes don’t require physical activity. With this information I wonder if teachers recognized that it’s hard for this type of learner to sit and be quiet. This learner is the one, who can study with the music turned up loud, takes several study breaks, enjoys role playing and thrive on memory type games. These memory games are another way that learning comes into play.

Looking back at all of the learning methods discussed we have learned how others think and react. You have probably identified yourself with at least one or two of the types through personal or professional experience. It’s important to know how each type works to get better as a person and position yourself to understand others. Communication is a great tool in any situation including working. More and more people are working and going back to school. With the affordability and convenience of online college you can earn that degree in no time.

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