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Public Health: A Major for the Concerned Citizen

American Diversity Leads to Choice in Food
The United States of America is a melting pot of a variety of different cultures that come together to create a beautiful nation. All of these different cultures bring with them a number of qualities from their countries of origin. The diversity in the United States leads to a huge variety in the amount of languages that are spoken in the country, the recreational activities available and the food prepared at different establishments. Walk on any block in a major metropolitan area and the chances are high that you will see restaurants serving food from many different regions. There may be a Chinese food place, a Mexican eatery, and a Japanese restaurant all on the same street within a five minute walk of each other. This leads to a large bundle of choices for restaurant consumers in the United States that helps all of us enjoy this country even more.

What is a Culinary Arts Degree?
A culinary arts degree is the educational tool that prepares students for a career in the exciting world of food service. Students who earn their degrees in culinary arts enter the United States of America’s workforce prepared to shape the way that people enjoy their food. Obtaining a culinary arts degree puts students on the path to working in kitchens across the country and possibly the world.

Culinary Arts Degree Curriculum
Most programs in the culinary arts take a similar approach to teaching the concepts required to graduate. Culinary arts degree programs typically focus on major-related courses and eschew general education requirements more than other degrees. The typical culinary arts degree curriculum will include courses in:

•Food safety courses which teach students to prepare food with clean and safe methods
•Nutrition classes instill students with knowledge of the nutrients and ingredients of food and how these affect the human body
•Meat and seafood identification
•Baking and pastry creation
•Business courses in accounting, finance and management to prepare students to manage kitchens and restaurants
Where Can You Get One?
Culinary arts degrees are available at various educational institutions across the United States. They can be obtained from dedicated culinary institutes that focus singularly on culinary arts or career schools with programs in the field. Traditional colleges and universities also offer culinary arts degrees to students at various levels of education.

Careers for Culinary Arts Degree Holders
There are a number of careers available for culinary arts degree graduates including:

•Chef – This occupation is most directly tied to a culinary arts degree. Chefs are expected to prepare food, manage a kitchen and conduct its business. Chefs can work in various environments including restaurants, pubs, catering services, institutions such as colleges and hospitals and private clients.
•Restaurant and Hospitality Managers – From being a chef, the leap to managing a restaurant or hotel operations is not that far. Restaurant managers are generally chefs who advanced in their careers and hospitality managers can be responsible for certain areas of the hotel business such as food and beverage directors or sommeliers.

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