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Moving Out of Dorms and Living Off Campus

The transition from high school to college is one which comes with many new experiences and the need to adapt to new circumstances. There is a newfound independence granted to you upon entering a college or university because your parents are not living with you and cannot really control what you do on a daily basis. This allows you to dabble into different activities that you were unable to try due to where you lived or what you were conditioned to do. These may include attending a martial arts course, seeing performance art, or partying at frat houses. Whatever experiences you choose to have, they are probably positive and something that will last in your memories for a long time. There is another transition that many students make during their time at a college or university that also lends itself to new experiences. This is moving out of dormitories and into an apartment or house off campus.

Dormitory Advantages and Disadvantages
Living in a dormitory presents benefits and disadvantages just as any other living situation does. The dormitory is a structured environment where you have a support system (resident assistants and campus security) should something go wrong or you feel uncomfortable where you live. Another advantage of the dormitories is that the bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned by the university’s cleaning crews.

The disadvantages of living in a dormitory also exist, however, and they stem from some of the positives. While there is a support system, it also enforces rules you may not agree with. Many dormitories prohibit drinking within rooms and this certainly is a disadvantage for those who like to party. Another problem with dorms is that there are many people living there and there are generally ‘quiet hours’. This means you may need to adjust your living style for the other people who live with you in the dorms.

Transitioning to Off Campus Living
If you decide that you are tired of living in the dormitories and are ready to take the step to moving off campus, there are several things you must do. Be prepared to do all of your own housework and settle possible conflicts between you and your roommates alone. Before you live off campus you must find a place to live.

Searching for an Apartment/House
The search for an apartment or a house generally starts on your college or university’s housing web site. Most schools have their own off campus housing listings that facilitate students finding housing outside the university’s resources. If this search proves fruitless, you should consult the Internet for available places. Just run a search for rentals in your area and you will find numerous web sites that have listings.

Finding Roommates
Prior to finding a place to rent you should decide on your roommates. The amount of people you live with will dictate the size of the apartment or house you require for accommodations. Try to find friends to live with rather than random strangers as it will lead to much less conflict when living together.

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