Fundamentals of Public Relations «

Fundamentals of Public Relations


The surge in popularity and importance that Public Relations has enjoyed in recent years, represents the attempt by professional management to harness yet another tool to wring success from the market-place.

As late as the 1960’s, PR was seen as an expensive luxury, available only to a few of the largest corporations. ‘Public Image’ was something unknown to the average business planner, and ‘press coverage’ referred to paid advertisements.

Today, few companies are launched without an attempt to generate some media coverage and the scope of focus of PR is changing as it expands from promoting the reputations of commercial and industrial concerns into areas of greater social involvement.

This course will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of this amazing and interesting profession.

Course Outline:

•The Study of Public Relations.
•Define Public Relations
•The Scope of Public Relations.
•Discuss the scope of Public Relations
•Examine the objectives of Public Relations
•The Organisation.
•Explain the position of PR in an Organisation
•The Corporate Identity.
•Define Corporate Identity and summarise the ethical considerations in public relations
•Intro to the Public Relations Process.
•Examine the steps that need to be taken to implement any corporate identity programme
•Personal Attributes.
•Discuss what you need to work in Public Relations
•Explain why all Public Relations practitioners need to have some knowledge of the law concerning the field of communications
•The Tools of Public Relations.
•Discuss the importance of Communication in PR
•The Tools of Public Relations Continued.
•Summarize the types of communication tools discussed in this unit
•Oral Communications and Presentations.
•Explain why face-to-face communication is always the most effective and convincing time of communication
•Special Events.
•Summarize the key elements involved in planning for a special event
•More Tools of Public Relations.
•Discuss the tools of Public Relations mentioned in this unit


Course Objectives:

•Introduction to public relations
•The scope of public relations
•The organisation
•Corporate identity
•The public relations process
•Personal attributes
•The tools of public relations
•Communication and advertising
•Oral communication and presentations
•Special events and promotions

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