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Certificate in Technical Writing For Current Technical Writers «

Certificate in Technical Writing For Current Technical Writers


Welcome to Our Basic Certificate in Technical Writing

The Basic Technical Writing Certificate consists of three courses that have been developed for those already in the field or those in the downsized IT industry.

The Certificate in Technical Writing program is Instructor-Led, meaning you learn from highly qualified industry and tech writing university faculty.

Now in its 6th year, our program has been designed for those who lack sufficient experience in the field or those who want to enhance existing careers in technical writing or move in a new direction within the corporate workplace.

The certificate is specifically focused for the following:

•Those who aspire to develop their technical language and communication skills
•Those who need to update their knowledge and skills about recent changes in the communication processes
•Those who need preparation for teaching professional communication
•Those who must prepare and deliver training for their companies
•Those who aspire to advance into documentation management positions

Do the instructors provide feedback?

Instructors provide extensive feedback on each assignment. Some assignments are posted on web pages, others are delivered through Blackboard, WebCT and other Learning Management Delivery Platforms.

What credits do you receive by completing this course?

These are CEU credits (Continuing Education Credit). They do not transfer to a “for-credit” institution. However, you can expect to take these online courses under stringent guidelines to gain a high quality educational and learning experience. Earning a valid Technical Writing Certificate will help you advance your career and increase your salary in the workplace.

Is any software to be installed, or is contact only through email?

There is no software to be installed. You do need to be able to send files in MS Word or as an RTF file. Contact can be made through email, instant message, or chat room.

Do I need to submit a transcript to enroll in the Certificate Program?

No, you do not.

What happens once I register?

Once you register e-mail notification will be sent to your instructor and also to you. Course of study begins shortly thereafter.

When you say self paced, do you mean that there are no deadlines on assignments or that you can start assignments when you wish to?

You must complete your work within the 5-6 weeks of the allotted time period unless other arrangements are made between you and your instructor. Your assignments can be handled on a rather open ended deadline. The Tech writing faculty will often work with a student to accommodate their requests for extensions.

How much time should I devote to study, assignments and projects?

Individual learning behaviors and workloads can vary. We think about 5 hours minimum per week should be devoted to the Certificate.

I am interested in taking the Certificate in Technical Writing. Must I sign up for all three courses at the same time?

No, you can take them one at a time. We do however, discount the three workshops 10% if you order all three at one time.

Are there textbooks that I need to buy for any of the courses?

Generally you will purchase a textbook for each of the three courses. The purchase fee for course materials is about $100.00.

Upon successful completion of this certificate, you will be able to:

•Analyze audiences and purposes for various technical documents and write effective technical documents by incorporating editorial changes and user feedback
•Correct instances of improper usage, eliminate trite and redundant phrases, so you can write clear and precise sentences
•Apply sound formatting principles to the design and layout of documents and insert eye-catching graphics, charts, and tables that illustrate key points
•Create information plans and content specifications and implement publications projects
•Manage production processes and evaluate project successes and failures

Upon successful completion of the Technical Certificate Program students may apply for their credentials from one of our Accredited State University partners. Your program of study must be completed within 1 year. Fees: Books (under $100.00). Certificate processing fees ($39.00 domestic, $49.00 international).

You do not have to have a prior background in Technical Communication to enroll in the Basic Certificate.

90 Hours


The courses that comprise this program are Introduction to Technical Writing For Technical Writers, Intermediate Technical Writing and Advanced Technical Writing. See these individual courses listed for Outcome Details.


The courses that comprise this program are Introduction to Technical Writing For Technical Writers, Intermediate Technical Writing and Advanced Technical Writing. See these individual courses listed for Assessment Details.

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