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21st Century Assertiveness and the Art of Persuasion «

21st Century Assertiveness and the Art of Persuasion


The quest for dominance in our global economy and how organizations posture themselves to respond to this challenge will make or break their success. 21st Century Assertiveness and the Art of Persuasion examines the cultural, environmental, and emotional aspects of Assertiveness and Persuasion and provides tips and tools to do both in today`s global economy.

The participants will gain knowledge from internet and current case studies and will take part in weekly discussion threads and case study based outputs. Readings will be based on internet links and e-mail contained articles and as such no textbooks are required for this coursework.


Each participant will participate in weekly discussion threads and review, analyze and apply knowledge gained to three case studies. The direct application of lessons learned will provide a foundation for prescriptive solutions.

Participation in weekly discussion threads, introduction to case study analysis and prescriptive applications along with the final case study analysis and prescription paper (8 – 10 pages)will provide the final outcome evaluation.

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