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You Shouldn’t Teach Your Homeschool Students! «

You Shouldn’t Teach Your Homeschool Students!

As homeschool parents, our end goal is NOT to teach. Our intention is for the kids to LEARN. I could have taught my children “at grade level” and they could have not learned a thing. Instead, I provided them curriculum at their skill level, then they had to learn something that they didn’t already know.

Older teens MUST learn ways to teach by themselves. If they go to college, they will be expected to learn the textbook information independently. College lectures are frequently supplemental to the textbook – not identical. If they don’t go to college, they will still have to teach themselves a few computer skills, or online banking, or how to buy a car – whatever.

In high school, my kids taught themselves pre-Calculus and Calculus. They taught themselves physics. I know they learned the material because I gave them the tests. I didn’t comprehend what the calculus symbols meant, but I knew that my kids responses matched the solutions on the key. I could have taught them Biology and Chemistry, as I’m an RN and I took plenty of those subjects in college, but they actually taught themselves that also. It just worked out better for us when they were teaching themselves, while I just checked up on them every so often. My younger son taught himself economics, and is now undertaking graduate level work in the history of economic thought, we’ve been told by his professor. Much to our surprise, he even taught himself psychology and business law, as he got fabulous grades on the College Level Examination Program – CLEP exams in those topics. It was a surprise because we didn’t even realize he had read a book concerning those topics!

This is my point: kids will teach themselves something when they are interested in it. It’s fine for kids to do that, and it works out great for kids who are working on an intensely academic, college-prep curriculum and also for kids who are in a relaxed homeschool setting.

Many parents are concerned about “getting it all done. ” I want to put in a plug for homeschool parents having prayer and quiet time. I noticed that when I was consistent with those things I could “get it all done” and when I wasn’t consistent I got frustrated. Either I was expecting too much, or was frustrated too easily. When I spent time with God, then things went much more effortlessly in our homeschool.

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