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Why Your School Nurse is Useless «

Why Your School Nurse is Useless

You’ve probably had some sort of nurse as your school as far back as you can remember. They always seemed to take care of whatever ailments a kid on the playground could get and really seemed like they knew what they were doing. But as you got older you probably stopped seeing the nurse. Why?
Anything a high school kid can get is probably able to be taken care of on their own. But did you ever go to the nurse? Probably not. But what is that? It’s because they were and always will be useless. Why did they seem so great when you were little though? It’s probably because when a little kid gets hurt in any capacity at all or needs to take any kind of medication, they have to go to the nurse because they simply cannot deal with the issue themselves. They’d just basically put a bandage on it and say good night.

It turns out that these people oftentimes also can’t give anything without a doctor’s prescription either. They don’t hire doctors though at schools because they’d simply be too expensive. Nurses don’t cost nearly as much and let’s be honest; you don’t need to hire a doctor to take care of a sprained knee. If anything serious happened, that kid would end up in a hospital anyway, no matter who was the nurse or doctor or whoever unless there’s an MRI machine in the school.

So really why do they even need a nurse anyway? Why can’t they just go hire some parent to volunteer to put band aids on knees and kiss them so they feel better? For credibility reasons really. They want parents to feel at ease about sending their kids to school without fear of them ending up in some kind of horrifying playground accident that will end up on Good Morning America. They want to believe that the nurse will be able to take care of whatever can happen to their kids.

Can they really? Probably not, but whatever makes the parents sleep a little easier is probably worth it in the end for the school. Really, having a nurse doesn’t hurt anybody.

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