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The Benefits of Taking Smaller Classes

The purpose of attending a college or university is generally regarded as being the pursuit of a quality education. The lecture halls and professors at your college or university serve to instill sufficient knowledge to prepare you for your chosen career. The educational methodology of many colleges is not specifically geared towards preparing students for a career, but more towards granting them knowledge. This is important to keep in mind as you attend college to maintain an even keeled perspective towards your education and avoid getting too stressed. College or university is less about grade point averages and more about gaining a solid education and foundation for your future. There are many ways to ensure that you can learn as much as possible and also get good grades.

Different People Learn Better in Different Situations
Not all students at a college or university are the same regarding their personalities, appearance, or background. This extends to their learning habits also and different students learn better in different ways. Some people are auditory learners, meaning they absorb information better when hearing it while others find it easier to memorize concepts by taking notes and writing them down. There are even more creative ways which people use to learn such as creating songs to remember information. Colleges and universities should take these factors into account and they generally do. Schools try to keep their class sizes as small as possible. This helps to ensure that professors can concentrate on individual students and tailor their lectures to their learning methods.

Professors are there to Teach You
As stated above, colleges and universities generally try to limit the size of their courses to allow professors to provide more individual attention to students. It is the professor’s job to take advantage of this and try their best to teach, but you can also take advantage of small classes through your efforts. Smaller classes allow more students to voice their opinions by asking questions regarding the subject matter.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the material if you are unsure of something. The benefits of small classes are wasted if students do not put in the effort to receive attention from the professor. The professor will generally encourage class participation but it can be squandered if the students do not participate in discussions.

Small Class Discussions
One great factor that arises due to small classes is the class discussion. Having a course that can fit in a regular classroom allows the professor to conduct discussions regarding the course. This allows different students to speak their minds on various topics. This exchange of ideas fosters the creation of new concepts and questions, which increases everyone’s overall class experience.

Better Office Hours Opportunities
Another benefit of taking classes with fewer students is that you have a better opportunity to receive individual attention from your professor at his or her office hours. Often a large lecture will have many more students at office hours than can be accommodated. This means some will go home without having their questions answered, but small classes do not have this problem.

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