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Technical Translation Importance of Cat Tools «

Technical Translation Importance of Cat Tools

Translation involves conversion of text from one language to another. However, the term translation has much more associated to it. A translation does not mean simple word to word conversion of text into the target language. However, for a good translation, the text has to be understood in one language and then rewritten in the new target language. Accurate Translation Services require the translator to completely get hold of the text and then write the text in the new language.

Quality is one of the prime requirements for translation. Technical translation is one of the major domains of translation, which involves the conversion of technical text from one language to another. With the advent of globalization, technical communication has been increasing across borders. Technical documents written in one language (say French) are shared with colleagues / counterparts in other parts of the world (say India). These technical documents may be user manuals, technical manuals, machine manuals, help guide etc.

Technical Translation Services must be performed by experienced native technical translators. Even a slight error in technical translation can lead to major problems. A small flaw in the translation of a technical design manual can lead to a complete product failure. A small error in the translation of a user manual can lead to a misunderstanding on the part of a user and hence lead to bad user reviews. One very important aspect of doing a high quality technical translation is understanding the context and doing context-sensitive translation. A simple word can have multiple meanings and the meaning of the entire sentence can change based on the subject matter. Consistency is another major concern that has to be addressed while doing technical translation. A term should have the same translation everywhere in the document/project.

CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools are gaining importance these days. These tools are very useful to maintain consistency across the document and also increase the speed of the technical translator. These tools are memory based tools that store the translation information in a TM file and this information is then accessible by the technical translator while working on any project.

Thus, for accurate Technical Translation Services, usage of CAT tools is quite important. Using these tools serves two purposes – it increases the efficiency of the translator, creates a reference file that can be used for all future projects and most importantly creates consistency in the document.

A Technical Translators should also have a deep understanding of the culture of the target locale. A translation is complete only if the translated document has the flavor and cultural feel of the target locale.

At our Technical Translation Company, LanguageNoBar, we have a team of native professional technical translators who have a thorough domain expertise and can take up any sort of technical translation.

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