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Technical high schools are often, in many places, becoming trendy picks of students who aren’t trying to go to great colleges and change the world. If you just want to be prepared for a certain job, these are really the places for you. But are they really better than public schools? I’ll give you my experiences based on my friends who went to technical high school while I attended public school.
When I was in eighth grade, representatives from the local technical school came in to give us all the benefits of attending this school. They talked about all the possible amenities as well as their connection to the richest high school in the county, which really seemed like a plus considering the local public high school was regarded as a dump.

Most of us didn’t really pay attention because we knew where we were going, but some kids did. They bought into every word these people were throwing at them. You could really see their faces glowing when they were told about these things. This school seemed like the ideal school for them, according to them. So what happened?

Many of them attended these schools and then just went on to go to college at schools that were typical, or sometimes even lower, than their intellect suggested. Many of them never went to any kind of college at all and are now roaming the streets jobless.

However, those of us who attended the local public high school got over its ugliness fairly quickly and eventually embraced how we had to put in little to no effort to succeed there. We just did nothing, got good grades and then moved onto the next year. It was essentially as easy as school got. And just to put the icing on the cake, we all got into better colleges than the technical school kids and most of us are still enrolled in college, with little to no dropout rate.

Was it the technical school’s fault or just the kids that I know? I’ll never really know but I do believe that I made the right decision to attend public school.

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