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Search Engine Marketing Certificate «

Search Engine Marketing Certificate


If you are looking for a genuine solution to poor visibility within the major search engines . . . then a perfect solution awaits you. Learn search engine marketing skills from SEO training experts who have taught search engine optimization throughout the past eight years and who issued the very first certification in SEO training to the industry.

Search Engine Marketing Basics Lessons

•Pre-Lesson in HTML – For those who need extra help in HTML before starting class.
•Search Engine Marketing Overview
•Preventing Problems with the Engines
•Problem Areas of Lesson #2 Discussed in More Detail
•The Importance of Keywords
•Relevancy: Where Can We Put Those Keywords? And How to Build a Solid Link Popularity
•How to Create Effective Titles & Descriptions
•Information Pages: Building More Windows into Your Site
•Site Maps & Links and Additional Domains
•HTML Test Page: An Assignment Due in Lesson #7
•Log Analysis and Studying Your Competition & Additional Winning Strategies


What You’ll Learn:

The full spectrum of search engine skills:

•The full spectrum of search engine marketing skills from the (Basic SEO Course) to the most (Advanced SEO Course)
•The latest, most innovative strategies in keyword research and behavioral research
•How to attract genuinely targeted traffic that converts to and results in sales

How to compete and yet remain fully in compliance with search engine guidelines:

•Discover the very latest compliancy related issues to ensure the search engine spiders are finding what they need
•How to maximize your Web site’s hidden potential even within the the most competitive industries

•Stop guessing – How to know for a fact that you’re not doing anything that could penalize your Web site with search engines

The most enabling, comprehensive, white hat professional strategies that exist:

•The most up-to-date and successful strategies for building true relevancy on the major search engines.
•Our course material is updated every single month (over 1000 pages of detailed content).
•Proven strategies backed by SEO industry leaders who really know search engine marketing.

Freedom of choice on learning options to suit your exact needs:

•Choose from a variety of learning options
•Learn at your own speed in a way that is perfect for your lifestyle•Learn at your own experience level;
•Only the sharpest strategies backed by genuine research
•We even offer instructors who can work with you in your native language
•The very finest insider’s information, updated regularly but also at the best value for your hard-earned money… guaranteed!

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