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Power Plant Operations Certificate «

Power Plant Operations Certificate


This course is designed for people who seek entry-level operator’s job in a power plant. There are thousands of power plants in the United States. There are very few institutions in the country that provide training for entry-level workers for power plants.

Power plants are operated by highly skilled process operators. In a power plant, usually there are three or four operational levels. This course is designed to prepare a person to apply for an entry-level job. Once a person is employed, he/she moves up the ladder by acquiring experience.

This course is designed to be very user friendly. If you know enough about computing to use email, you can take this course easily over the Internet. This is a totally web-based course. That means you can participate in the course at any time and from any location. You can also work at your own pace.

It is an interactive course. Many modules contain graphical simulations and animations to enhance the learning process. The course delivers some fairly complex concepts in an easy to learn format. Since you are in total control of the course delivery, you can go over the course material a number of times to improve the learning process.

Topics that are covered in this course, include:

•Basic Safety
•Basic Hazard Communication
•Basic Lockout-Tagout
•Applied Physics
•Applied Physics
•Applied Physics
•Heat Exchangers
•Lubrication and Bearings
•Electrical Safety
•Electricity for Operators and Technicians
•Industrial Valves
•Compressed Air
•How to Read Process Drawings
•Basic Process Instrumentation and Control
•Pump Fundamentals
•Centrifugal Pumps – Operation
•Steam Generation
•Basic Boiler Systems
•Fuels and Combustion
•Boiler and Auxiliaries


This is a comprehensive course designed to provide necessary information on many subjects to entry-level workers. A list of modules is provided in this document. A review of the list will indicate the subjects covered in this course.

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