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Object-Oriented Analysis and Design «

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design


This series provides an overview of object orientation and describes the process for developing object-oriented programming. It explains the development stages of object-oriented programming and how to manage the relationships and hierarchies between objects. It also explains the creation of object-oriented design and analysis systems, including the functions of the object-class, structure, subject, attribute, and service layers. It discusses the concepts of moving from analysis to design, and designing an object-oriented system using the Problem Domain component, the Human Interaction component, and the Data Management component.


Provides an overview of object orientation and describes the process for developing object-oriented programming.

•Advantages of Using Object Orientation
•Concepts for Object Orientation
•Components of Object Orientation
•The Development Process
•Object Relationships
•Object Hierarchies


Explains the creation of object-oriented design and analysis systems.

•Analysis and Design of a Sample System
•The Structure and Subject Layers
•The Attribute Layer
•The Service Layer
•Object-Oriented Design
•The Problem Domain Component
•The Human Interaction Component
•The Data Management Component

Printable Transcript
On completion of this course you may print a transcript off as evidence of your progression throughout the course.

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