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National Guard Tuition Assistance – A Brief Summary «

National Guard Tuition Assistance – A Brief Summary

The National Guard is different throughout the states and even has different divisions in its own ranks. This is what sets it apart from all the other branches of military. The branches tend to have different qualifications for the tuition assistance but the National Guard has differences throughout its own country. But how much different are they and is the program worth it based on these differences?

The Army National Guard and Air National Guard have different requirements for tuition assistance. The Army National Guard provides tuition assistance to part time ARNG soldiers looking to get their degree. They take classes in their off duty hours to meet the requirements. A Masters will only be funded if there is enough money freed up to provide it. It’s anything but guaranteed. They want their students to make the ARNG look better by getting better degrees and having a higher quality of life. They’ll pay for all the tuition and up to $500 in fees, putting it at higher value than the Coast Guard. The ARNG will even pay for your GED if necessary and they make a point of it, something the other branches don’t do. However, their benefits aren’t guaranteed for anyone and are given out on a first come, first serve basis.

The Air National Guard has its own requirements. They’ll pay for all the tuition as well but only up to $250. They don’t have as much funding as the ARNG and therefore cannot offer the same kind of assistance. There is only so much you can do. They’ll pay for things like community college and high school equivalency but will not guarantee everything that even the ARNG will.

Not all states of the National Guard will pay for tuition assistance though. Many of them do offer incentives though which can be found on the ARNG and ANG websites.

Since not all states offer this assistance, you should probably look into whether your state offers this service. If they do, it may be worth the risk since it offers more than similar services such as the Coast Guard. It’s up to you and what your state does to determine if this program is right for you.

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