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Moms Choose College Online – A Brief Summary «

Moms Choose College Online – A Brief Summary

While it seems clear why stay-at-home-moms would choose to get their degrees online versus at a campus it is actually a recent phenomenon. Considering the ease of use and the flexible scheduling the anytime education offers, it seems to be the logical choice for most moms. What has happened is that the choices now available has led to a continued push for most moms to choose the online college format.

“I couldn’t believe how many choices I had,” said Jenny from NY.

“I thought there were only a few colleges who offered programs online, I had no idea there are hundreds,” said Tammy from Denver.

“From NY to Cali, and in fields from Education to Business, stay-at -home moms are finishing their degrees online,” said Pablo who oversees the hugely popular college destination Well, clearly it is a tidal shift and the masses have spoken.

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