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Marine Corps Tuition Assistance

While the Marines may be known as a more elite part of the Navy, they do have their own tuition assistance program. It has its similarities to the Navy program but also has characteristics of the seemingly opposite Air Force tuition program. But what makes it different? Why join the Marine Corps instead of one of those branches?

The Marine Corps tuition assistance program is intended for those in the Marines who want to pursue off-duty and voluntary education. They’ll pay for all of your tuition and fees like many other branches though your books are exempt from these paid fees. Also, officers that are enrolled in the program have to put in two years of additional on duty assignments after graduating. This isn’t that different from its parent group, the Navy.

To apply for this program, you have to take a tuition assistance orientation class to put yourself in accordance with their rules and regulations, which aren’t as intricate or stringent as the Navy.

First of all, you have to submit a degree program very soon, within 12 degree hours, of enrolling in the program. This is very different from the overall institutions of many schools as most require you to submit this after two full years. The military only follows its own rules though.

Then there are the fees that the college applies. Whether it be lab fees, computer fees or pretty much any kind imaginable outside of books, the Marines make a point of saying that they will pay them off. The students are allowed to pursue any kind of degree they which simply because the Marines will pay all the fees. There are some things you have to do while you’re in the program at school, for the most part you are left alone to pursue whatever you want prior to going into active duty.

There are a lot of rules when it comes to joining the tuition assistance program of the Marine Corps. It may not be as few as the Air Force, but it’s not as stringent as the Navy. For those of you looking for something in the middle, this program may be for you.

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