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How to get into Law School

People from all over the country are just now realizing, in this poor economy, that you need to be as specialized as possible to guarantee yourself work. But what kind of field is really for you? Do you love to argue and want to get paid for it? Then being a lawyer may be for you. But how do you gain admission to law school in the United States? Read our guide to find out how you can become a lawyer.

So you’re either in high school or have a GED and are dreaming of one day becoming a lawyer? Well you’ve really got a long, tough road in from of you. The first thing you obviously have to do is get into college. While this won’t be hard for most of you out there, there will always be people with high aspirations who just didn’t work in high school for whatever reason. Many of you however will bloom once you get to college. High school just isn’t the end of the world. However, if you fail in college it may be.

You really have to work once you’re in college to become a lawyer. You have to major usually in a liberal arts major like Political Science or English to gain the skills that are necessary for law school. They want the people who attend to be very well spoken and also have familiarity with the law before entering. You have to keep a high GPA to make sure you can get a scholarship to law school because it isn’t exactly cheap. The more work you put in, the higher the scholarship you receive will be. You’ll save yourself and your family money in the end if you manage to get high enough grades to get into a good school and get financial aid.

You then have to take the LSATs. This is a test to determine who gets into law school. This test, despite the name, isn’t very similar to the SAT. It doesn’t test rudimentary knowledge but instead just general logic. They have deemed that this method will determine who is best fit to become a lawyer.

After that all’s you have to do is apply to schools by their regulations and watch the admissions come rolling in. It’s really a long road, but enjoy it.

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