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Finding a Part-Time Job in School

College Comes with Many Experiences, Many of Which are Not Free
Once you enter and start attending a college or university, you will see that there are so many new experiences that you can take part in. These may be parties, cultural events, or simply taking trips to interesting places. All of these activities have one thing in common, however, and that is that they cost money to partake in. More specifically when attending a college or university, you may want to attend a concert, see a play, or buy alcohol for a party (if you are of age, of course), and these all have price tags associated with them.

Expenses are Not Just for Textbooks
As stated above, there are many phenomena that you will want to experience in college or university and they will cost you money. Beyond the activities that have been written about, there are simpler expenses that you will incur. If you do not have a meal plan, you will have to pay for your own food. Even if you do have a meal plan, there will be times when you do not want cafeteria food and have a yearning for something else. If you live off campus, you are responsible for paying your rent as your college or university’s financial aid will not cover these costs.

Work Hard to Play Hard
There is a common expression that you may hear people saying and it is “work hard to play hard.” This means that, as the ideal for many people (typically younger generations), the reason for working and earning money is to enjoy that money and spend it on activities which you find pleasurable. You should find yourself a decent job that provides enough of an income to facilitate your desires for enjoyment and entertainment.

Good Places to Find a Job
There are a variety of places that can provide quality employment for the typical college student. Some of these include:

•Bartending – Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to spend money on ‘mixology classes’ to achieve a position as a bartender. Many times it is simply enough to enter a bar and politely inquire about their opportunities. You must know basic drink mixes and they will typically teach you the rest. Bartending at a busy establishment can lead to taking home up to $500 on a great night.
•Valet Service – Similar to bartending, if you work at a good valet area with upper class clientele, you can generate a considerable income without working forty hour weeks.
•Food Service/Restaurants – Working as a waiter will teach you patience and customer service and can lead to a nice payday depending on where you work.
How Much Should You Work?
The key to a part time job during your time at college or university is that it does not take precedence over your school work. The money you earn at this job is much less than the potential earnings you can make after graduation and jeopardizing your grades by working too much is a terrible idea.

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