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America’s Most Popular College Major? Business – A Brief Summary

The most popular major for undergraduates is, by far, business. Recent statistics show that 21% of Bachelor’s...

A Downward Trend in Full-Time MBA Applications – A Brief Summary

Business school programs are some of the most popular in today’s educational environment, both at the graduate...

Army Tuition Assistance – A Brief Summary

The most popular and famous branch of the United States Military is no slouch when it comes to helping out their...

How to Determine Which Degree Program to Choose – A Brief Summary

One of the hardest decisions a person needs to make is which degree program he or she should pursue. Often people...

Public Health: A Major for the Concerned Citizen

American Diversity Leads to Choice in Food The United States of America is a melting pot of a variety of different...

Unpaid Internships: Should You Do Them?

College is a Step on the Career Ladder Thousands of students enroll in the colleges and universities of the United...

America’s Most Popular College Major? Business – A Brief Summary

Per the US Department of Education, Business is the most popular college major for both men and women in the United...

Accounting or Finance Degree: Which Should You Get? – A Brief Summary

You like working with numbers. You’re good with math. You’ve decided to get a degree in business. And you’re...

Do You Need a Business Degree? – A Brief Summary

It has been well established that business is the most popular degree program in today’s undergraduate and graduate...

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