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Writing Your Scholarship Essays – A Brief Summary

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Moving Out of Dorms and Living Off Campus

The transition from high school to college is one which comes with many new experiences and the need to adapt to...

The Benefits of Taking Smaller Classes

The purpose of attending a college or university is generally regarded as being the pursuit of a quality education....

Finding a Part-Time Job in School

College Comes with Many Experiences, Many of Which are Not Free Once you enter and start attending a college or...

Elmhurst College: Pioneering Tolerance

Recognizing Difference in Our Society Throughout the years in the United States of America and other countries,...

Buying a Car for College: Should You Do It?

College Brings Many Choices to Students A student’s acceptance and enrollment in a college or university is a...

Cutting Corners in College: Online Study Aides

Reasons for Attending College In the United States of America and in most areas of the developed world, college...

5 Tips for the Current College Student – A Brief Summary

Choices that you make as a current college student impact your grades, finances, study habits and social life....

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