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Doctor of Education – Curriculum and Teaching «

Doctor of Education – Curriculum and Teaching


Northcentral University’s online Doctor of Education – Curriculum and Teaching degree program has been specifically created to be a flexible online option for those individuals who have leadership responsibility for providing learning/training to others, whether they be in colleges, PK-12 schools, proprietary organizations, private and public businesses, or the military.

As a student in this online EdD in Curriculum and teaching specialization, individuals will work with Northcentral’s expert faculty members to develop the knowledge, skill sets, and professional competencies that will enhance their instructional practice and expand their professional awareness.

This online doctorate in education degree offers students a number of online curriculum and teaching courses that will guide students as they study a number of topics, including:

•Developing Instructional Strategies and Curriculum
•The Role of the Teacher Practitioner
•Identifying and Maximizing Learning/ Teaching Styles
•Teaching and Learning Foundations
•Language and Literacy Education
•Literacy: Focus on Curriculum
•Multiple Intelligences
•Leadership for Student Achievement
•Leadership for Student Achievement

Learners have the opportunity to explore, examine, and evaluate contemporary teaching and instructional practices. Effective teaching methods are aligned to effective curricula design and development.

This specialization offers Learners a comprehensive program of study aimed to improve their classroom performance and practice.

Students must have a Masters degree from an accredited institution.

Online Courses

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