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Cutting Corners in College: Online Study Aides «

Cutting Corners in College: Online Study Aides

Reasons for Attending College
In the United States of America and in most areas of the developed world, college is becoming more of a necessity than a privilege. This is because more jobs are becoming service-oriented and require a higher level of education in order for employees to be competent in their work environment. Thus, the reason that most students choose to attend a college or university is to learn about the major they intend to pursue for the benefit of education as well as the path for a future career. Whereas even a century ago college was the realm of philosophers and students primarily there simply for the purpose of increasing their knowledge and adding to the body of information across the world, today college and university students are much more career-driven. The ability to succeed in your career endeavors hinges on the ability to maintain a strong grade point average, which in turn allows you to gain internships, and combining the two creates a great position upon graduation.

Studying Leads to Success
There are some people who are naturally gifted at their area of study and just seem to ‘get’ the material their professors present without any effort. These people can consider themselves lucky and achieve success in college without having to exert considerable efforts. Most students, however, do not automatically understand everything there is to know regarding their classes. They must take the time to review the material, do some practice problems, and use other methods to implant the information given during class into their minds. These processes are known as studying and there is absolutely no shame in applying yourself to understand the concepts taught in your classes. Rather, the practice is encouraged by professors, parents, and even students as the best means to ensure you do well in your studies.

There are Many Resources to Help You Study
As a student at a college or university, you have a variety of resources as study material. You can use your notes from class, the textbook, or create flash cards to help remember the concepts learned. Another great technique is to create a study guide, which is an outline of the material taught in class, condensed to the important points. With the increasing popularity of the Internet, there are a number of study aides available online for students.

The Internet Provides Help
Some students have trouble creating study guides because they find it difficult to pinpoint the main ideas of their lectures, or they miss key topics. The Internet has many resources available for study guides such as Cliffnotes or Sparknotes. These guides are created by professionals and reviewed by a large community of users for succinctness, clarity, and attention to detail. Another great resource on the internet is online notes. One of the best websites for this is This website provides a network for students to share their notes from class or the study materials they themselves created, among many other educational resources. You can use this site if you did not take great notes during class or simply want to compare yours to other people’s.

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