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Comprehensive Medical Transcription Training «

Comprehensive Medical Transcription Training


Read This Information Carefully

Our Medical Transcription course is widely known as the most effective training method to become a medical transcriptionist because:

•It provides precisely what is needed to learn in a “platform learning system” unique in the training field
•It provides up-to date reference books and other course materials at no additional cost
•It does not require memorization by obsolete rote processes (slow and cumbersome; the words of medicine are taught in context using multisensory tasking)
•Transcription training includes actual physician dictation, complete with background noise, accents, interruptions, the real world of dictation.
•We have trained hundreds of MTs, including the authors of other training programs.
•This is online learning at its best and Yes….we do follow AAMT training guidelines.
•The training course will prepare you very well for anything that requires medical transcription or medical terminology.
Grades & Self Reporting:

You will have 6 months to complete this course and take your final exam. If no final is taken, your grade will be posted as a “fail.” Shortly after enrollment you will start receiving regular email notifications regarding your course of study. We will be asking how you are progressing in this class. It is your responsibility to respond to our emails and work to finish this course within the time period stated. Not responding to these update notices could result in significant delays, grade reporting issues and failure in the class. Your goal is to complete the course and pass your final exam.

Upon successfully passing the Final Examination with an 85% or better score you will receive a Certificate of Completion from a nationally recognized leader in the field of Medical Transcription, Billing and Coding.

Student Testimonials:

“I have been, and am working a temporary 8-5 job, until this coming Friday, in an OB/GYN clinic while their MT is on vacation. This is so totally fun and challenging! For the first time in my life I do not begrudge the 8 hours per day doing something I do not want to do, because I really am doing what I want to do! This is so, just, well, WOW! Thank you so much for making it possible through your study course, and keeping it affordable which is really the main reason I chose it. Please know that I am highly recommending it to everyong at AOL message boards, there are so many newbies looking into MT and wanting to know about schooling.” Valarie R.


•Trainees may anticipate a practical and straight forward knowledge of medical transcription
•Develop a working knowledge of a highly complex and prestigious area of expertise
•Develop the skills to perform and the business knowledge to set oneself up in business or contract for work
•Find work in a field that continues to be in high demand
•Gain independence, be sought after for skills and talents acquired in the training


We administer a final examination that is complex and relatively difficult. It provides a flavor of what to expect when testing for a future employer.

The course itself is self-contained with exercises throughout that are oriented as self-assessment “quizzes.”

Evaluation of student performance will be based upon the following criteria: Final exam = 100% of subject grade. Course must be completed within 6 months of the start date. Extensions are granted and a fee is charged.

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