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Comprehensive Medical Assisting Review: Preparation for the CMA/RMA «

Comprehensive Medical Assisting Review: Preparation for the CMA/RMA


This comprehensive review course enables Medical Assisting graduates to prepare for the Certified Medical Assisting (CMA) Exam and the Registered Medical Assisting Exam (RMA). With the increasing demand for Medical Assistants, Physician Offices are requiring Medical Assisting Applicants to be certified or registered to apply for a position with their office. This course assists you in preparing for these exams showing your competence as a medical professional upon passing either exam.

The required textbook includes a comprehensive review in Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, Law and Ethics in Healthcare, Administrative and Clinical knowledge. The CD provides simulated practice test and a timed comprehensive exam. The simulated test help defining strong areas and areas in which you need to further work on.


On completion of this course you will be able to:

•Understand the requirements and differences between the CMA and RMA
•Determine and improve on areas of weakness (medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, administrative areas, and clinical areas of Medical Assisting)
•Develop beneficial study techniques
•Develop beneficial test taking techniques
•Be prepared to take and pass the Certified
•Medical Assisting (CMA) Exam and the Registered Medical Assisting Exam (RMA)


•Instructor review and guidance
•Section tests
•5 CD practice test
•Comprehensive timed final exam to be submitted to instructor via email.
•Pre-test to measure areas of weakness
•Study techniques and test taking techniques throughout the course

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