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Basic Internet Specialist Certificate «

Basic Internet Specialist Certificate


Designed to help people learn more about the Web including terminology, finding information, and creating effective websites that sell. Students will learn how to deal with customers concerns, and the best way to provide support. Students will also learn how to deal with and avoid viruses. Along with creating websites, students will also learn about traffic reports and what they will mean to them as Webmasters.

The most important principle in regards to the Internet, is how to use it to get the most benefit from it. There`s so much that can be said about it. So much has been said about it. But there is one thing that every student will realize in time. The Internet is a continually evolving medium. Every day or every month, something new is invented to make the Internet easier to use.

This certificate program will cover this most important principle and will go a step beyond. By the end of this certificate program students will have gained enough knowledge to be an asset to any company.

Who should take this program? Those students who need a basic understanding of the Internet, including sales, administration, customer support, entry level, general office, tech support, and many more.

Instructional materials and other support:

Download of a textbook will be required. The link to order the e-book is here:

This is supplemental material that will go along with your course. After you purchase the e-book, you will be automatically sent to a web page where you will be able to download your copy.

In case something happens and you are not forwarded to the download page it is located here:


Those students who successfully complete this program will be encouraged to take the Advanced Level Certifications program which will be offered in sequence. The advance-level program will go further into knowledge about the Internet, including measuring and verifying a broad knowledge of the subject, and e-commerce as it relates to business. This will make a much more powerful statement in the language that potential employers and human resource personnel understand and recognize.


Upon completion of this program, students will know:

•What the Internet is and how to use it properly.
•How to adjust their browser settings to get the most benefit out of their use of it.
•What to do if encountered with a virus.
•How to handle a customer who has technical or customer support issues.
•How to design a site that will sell and how to view and interpret log sheets.



The student will be tested after each section, with a final test at the end of the week. To get his or her certificate the student needs to get a 75% or higher grade average on all quizzes and the final test.

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