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Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies «

Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies


Arizona State University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies degree program offers a variety of unique courses that have been built around streaming audio lectures synchronized with visual slides to guide students in developing a well-rounded understanding of the various theories and practices that are related to film and media.

ASU’s online film and media studies degree program offers students access to all learning materials 24/7. Through these online film and media courses, students will develop the skills that can be applied to a number of areas in fields, such as entertainment industry, including film, television and new media, to local media arts organizations, teaching and research.

With a core based on liberal arts, this online film and media studies degree program focused on the humanities in order to aid students in develop the abilities that are needed for think analytically and speak and write clearly and persuasively – skills that are a must in any sector of today’s global economy.

Implementing a various of discussion-based and writing intensive courses, this online film and media studies degree program will prepare students for work in the media arts, in story and production development, in exhibition, distribution and film, television and video game production.

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