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Bachelor of Applied Science in Internet and Web Development «

Bachelor of Applied Science in Internet and Web Development


The online Bachelor of Applied Science in Internet and Web Development degree from Arizona State University is an ideal for any individuals who is for a flexible online program that will help them to learn advanced web site design and development theories and practices.

As a student in this online Internet and Web Development program, individuals will work with with experts in the field to develop the in-depth knowledge that is needed for succeeding in management, leadership, critical thinking, and communication – skills that are a must have for broadening their career horizons, promote life-long learning, and enrich their personal and professional life.

Student in this online degree in Internet and Web Development will partake in a number of courses that are focused on topics, such as:

•Advance Web Design
•Web Usability Design
•Leveraging Search Engines for Marketing
•Website Speedup

Graduates of this online degree in Web and Internet Development will have develop the skills that are needed for managing the various phases of developing and creating websites.

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