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Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems – Database Management «

Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems – Database Management


If you are interested in understanding the numerous components of database management as well as the core concepts of information systems, then DeVry University’s online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems – Database Management is the degree for you.

This online database management program offers the opportunity for individuals to work with a number of industry leaders in gaining the necessary skills that are needed for working with databases in a number of areas, including:

•For Profits
•Government Agencies

The online Computer Information Systems classes in this program have been designed to aid students in their gaining the necessary skills that are required to build database management system, create database management software, and build and implement software solutions.

Students will also be able to develop their understanding of communications and teamwork as they work through program, and develop the skills needed to become a leader in this dynamic field.

All applicants must be at least 17 years old on the first day of classes and hold a HS diploma or equivalent.

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