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America’s Most Popular College Major? Business – A Brief Summary «

America’s Most Popular College Major? Business – A Brief Summary

Per the US Department of Education, Business is the most popular college major for both men and women in the United States. The latest data shows that 21% of all graduates who received a bachelor’s degree finished in Business- with nearly half of them being women. The Business major is actually so popular that it doubles the next most popular major, Social Sciences and History.

There are various reasons why Business is so popular for young adults. One of the main reasons is that the degree and its concentrations provide great training and a strong foundation for many entry level jobs offered in the marketplace. Banks, small businesses and large corporations offer many entry level positions that recent Business graduates would not only be interested in, but have the potential to excel in, as well. These positions, such as bank representative, marketing assistant, junior accountant, etc are quite fitting and provide the hands on training on top of the academic preparation.

Besides its practicality, another reason why Business is such a popular course is because of its wide availability. Many schools, whether traditional or for-profit, college or university offer business courses, programs and degrees. There are even specialized business schools that offer only business courses. These schools vary in accreditation and competitiveness in terms of acceptance rates and enrollment requirements.

Also, Business programs offer many options in the form of classes and concentrations. There are many types of career fields within Business. The most popular are Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business Management, Management Information Systems, etc. Each program prepares a student for a career in his or her given field and includes general business courses that are useful to the students in many ways. And if one really thinks about it, all operating companies require a combination of the skills one can learn as a Business major.

So, through its diversity, versatility and practicality, Business is the most popular degree for those receiving bachelor’s degrees. We will keep a close eye on this trend for both sexes, but as the economy is starting to pull itself together with small businesses blooming and corporate giants re-juvinated, it looks as if Business will remain as popular as it has been.

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